DIY Hot Air Balloon Birthday Decoration


My son’s 3rd birthday is coming up soon, and I think these would make a cute decoration to have at his party. They are fairly easy to make, but take a little bit of time. To save some time and hassle, you could just buy little baskets instead of make them. But, if you would like to try to make it from scratch, I have provided all the instructions for you here. 

1. Gather materials: balloon, string (I used twine), paper (I used brown craft paper), craft glue, and permanent markers.

2. Cut craft paper into 11 strips that are about 2 inch wide and about 9 inch long.

3. Fold strips over longways until their about 1/2 inch, and glue closed. (You could also just start out with 1/2 wide strips to save time). 

4. Weave strips together, as shown.



5. Fold up ends, and weave remaining strips through to make the sides. 

6. Fold excess ends over the sides and paperclip down to hold in place, as shown. (One end will be open).


6. Trim and glue ends one at a time. (Remove paper clip, trim, glue, and replace paperclip to hold until it dries).

7. Blow up balloon and tie it off. 

8. You may decorate your balloon with permanent markers at this time (optional). 

9. Cut two pieces of twine about 9 inches long each. 

10. Tie twine to the balloon (as shown). 


11. Glue open edge of woven basket closed, but leave a little space open (without glue) towards the top, so that a piece of string can be passed through. 

12. Once glue has dried, tie loose ends of string through the top corners of the basket. 

13. If the balloons have helium in them, they should stand on their own. If not, you can tape them to something behind them (like a wall) to hold them up. 

Happy Crafting!



DIY Construction Paper Playroom Decor

IMG_1606    IMG_1784

This is an easy way to update the walls of your playroom or child’s bedroom. I have included pictures of two examples that I made. The giraffe is also available at my Etsy store.  All you need is some construction paper, markers, crayons, and tape. See my simple instructions below.

1. Gather construction paper.

2. Tape construction paper together (on the back) to get the size that you want.

3. Draw or trace your image onto the construction paper.

4. Outline in marker and color in with crayon or other media (optional).

5. Cut out and tape to wall.

Happy Crafting!

Fun and Easy DIY Candle Holders Made from Recycled Jars


This project is really easy to do, and helps you get more use out of your empty food jars. All you need is some empty rinsed out jars (I used baby food jars) and some nail polish. I also used some Goo Gone to help me remove the glue that is used to hold the labels to the jar. Here are the instructions…

1. Soak jars in hot water for about an hour to clean and to remove the labels.

2. Use Goo Gone to remove the glue from the jar.

3. Paint jars using nail polish.

4. Add embellishments, like sequins, beads, glitter, etc. (the possibilities are endless). You can add these using wet nail polish or glue.

5. Add a tea light or candle, light, and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Handmade Recycled Fabric Sachets

ImageThese little sachets are really simple to make. All you need is some old fabric (I used an old lace shirt), something scented (I used a little aromatic tea), thread and embellishments (optional).


1. Draw or trace out a pattern onto your fabric. 

2. Cut out two pieces (front and back). 

3. Sew pieces together along the edges. Leave a little opening to insert your stuffing and scented filling. 

4. Use some extra fabric or other material and your scented filling to stuff your sachet.

5. Sew the opening closed.

6. Sew on sequins, buttons, beads, etc. to add embellishments. 

Make multiples and give them as gifts.