Sky Painting from an iPhone photo


The sky is really beautiful this time of year. Here is a new painting I did from a picture I took using my iPhone. It currently available in my Etsy shop.


DIY Hand Stamped Ohio Tank

Here’s an easy way to create a fashionable Summer tank that shows your love of your hometown.

1. Find a picture of your state online, print it, and cut it out.
2. Trace it BACKWARDS onto a piece of stamp material and cut it out.
3. Glue the stamp onto a piece of wood and let dry.
4. Prepare a sponge with some silkscreening ink.
5. Press the stamp into the sponge and stamp your shirt (put a piece of paper under the fabric you are stamping, so it doesn’t bleed through).
6. Once you have finished stamping, heat set your design with an iron.
7. Wear it!:)

You can do this with any type of stamp you create. I am currently selling this shirt, along with other designs, in my etsy shop.
Happy Crafting!