Why I Choose to Buy Organic and NonGMO Products


The reasons I choose to buy organic and nonGMO products whenever possible are:

1. They are produced using sustainable farming and manufacturing methods.

2. They are produced without pesticides that can harm pollinators, like bees and butterflies.

3. They don’t contain harmful additives and preservatives.

4. They taste better and retain more nutrients than foods that are highly processed.

5. They put money into the pockets of ethical corporations, and therefore, keep it out of the pockets of big corporations (like Monsanto) that prioritize profits over the health of people.

The downfall of organic and nonGMO products are that:

1. They often cost more than products that are not organic and that contain GMOs.

Having young kids and a tight family budget can sometimes get in the way of being able to purchase sustainably made food all the time. Sometimes my kids will refuse to eat anything, but Kraft Mac and Cheese (The Ninja Turtle version). Already, their food choices are being influenced by big corporations that license cartoon characters to sell more products. Despite these challenges, I know that each time I make a conscious and informed choice to purchase products that are organic and nonGMO, I am helping to improve the quality of the life and health of my children, and also the quality of life and health of the planet.

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