How to take great product photography using an iPhone


It’s not difficult to take great pictures of your products, even if you have limited resources. I do the majority of the product photography for my Etsy shop on my iPhone. The key is having a good setup. See my setup below.


All you need is a well lit area (I use a corner between two windows), a large sheet of heavy weight paper (I use bristol series paper), and an iPhone.

This setup helps create a nice, clean, and simple look for all of your product photography.

Happy Crafting!


Polymer Clay Cat Succulent Planter



New item available in my Etsy shop. I’m back with new Summer-inspired crafts, and I will be working on a new book, “The Semi-Organized Home” My house is in dire need of some clean up and organization. So, look for new posts focused on that topic. 


Happy Crafting!



DIY Faux Gallery Wrapped Canvas for Displaying Children’s Artwork

ImageThis project is a great way to recycle old cardboard food boxes, and it provides another option for displaying all of the beautiful artwork that your children are always creating. See my easy instructions below.

Materials: cardboard box, white acrylic paint, paint brush, scissors


1. Cut a rectangular hole in the back of your cardboard box. (This will later be used for hanging).

2. Paint the entire box with white acrylic paint.

3. After the paint dries, glue your child’s artwork to the front of the box. 

4. Hang and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

A note about the future of the semicraftymom blog: My Summer break has ended, and I will be returning to teaching, so my posts will not be as frequent. However, I plan on starting an art education blog, so look for further information on that to be coming soon.


DIY Mini Pom Flower Ring

ImageThis is a really easy and cute way to make a fashion statement. All you need is tissue paper, string, scissors and a pipe cleaner.


1. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist one side around the other, leaving a little loop at the top.

2. Pull the other end through the loop, and adjust it to the size of your finger. Set aside.

3. Cut about 15 to 20 strips of tissue paper 1inch by 2 inches.

4. Stack the strips of paper and tie them in the middle with some string. 

5. Round the ends of the tissue paper by cutting off the corners with scissors. 

6. Begin folding up each piece of tissue paper, one piece at at time until you have something that resembles a flower. 

7. Attach the tissue paper flower to your ring by wrapping the excess pipe cleaner around the middle of the flower. 

8. Your mini pom flower ring is ready to wear!

Happy Crafting!


DIY Hand Stamped T-Shirt

ImageI’m still working out some issues with this project, but I wanted to share my progress with it. Unfortunately, the ink that I used was not a permanent fabric ink, and most of it washed out in the washing machine. I will be trying this again with a different type of ink, and will post the results once it’s finished. In the meantime, here are some simple instructions with how to create this design. 

Materials: T-shirt, permanent ink, stamp (buy one or create your own)


1. Lay T-shirt on a flat surface. (Put something inside the shirt, like newspaper, so the ink doesn’t bleed through). 

2. Using your stamp, make a pattern covering the front of your shirt.

3. Allow it to dry. Depending on what type of ink you use, once it has dried, you may need to heat set it with an iron. 

4. Wash and wear.

Happy Crafting!



DIY Whale Pillow from Recycled Grocery Bags


This is a really simple project, and it helps make use of those annoying plastic grocery bags that are always piling up. See below for the list of materials and instructions.

Materials: Fabric (I used an old baby blanket), Needle and Thread, plastic grocery bags, pen, marker, buttons (for eyes, optional. You will want to draw on your eyes if you plan on having this around young children.)


1. Fold fabric in half.

2. Trace outline of whale (or other animal or thing) onto fabric. 

3. Cut out (you should end up with two sides).

4. Sew along the outside edge ( I hand stitched mine).

5. Stop before you get to the tail. 

6. Draw details (smile) and sew on button (or draw) eyes. 

7. Stuff with grocery bags. 

8. Finish sewing up tail (leave a little hole to stuff remaining bags, then sew up completely). 

9. Wala! You have a finished whale pillow!

Happy Crafting!